The Market Place

We'd like to let you know how influential EP is. There I was, leafing through a copy of the high fashion magazine TAXI, when what should I see but a photo layout showing models sporting fake tattoos drawn on with eyeliner! Remember, we did it first!

Roark the Peacock send an alternate version of the Pictish heather ale story. This one gives the credit for heather ale to the Norse. The story goes like this:

ARV, Vol. 21 p.115 (1965).

Roark is going to experiment with heather ale this summer and has promised to let us know if he recovers the secret.

For those of you who live the North Carolina or plan to visit there, Catriona Fergusson sent this information on Mary Jo's, a huge cloth store in Gastonia, North Carolina. They have beautiful ecclesiastical brocades among other neat things, ideal for Byzantine costume: segmentæ, trim or entire robes. They have fabric with an oval cross design in white, metallic gold, red, golden-yellow, and metallic silver. They have a square and circular cross design in golden-yellow, powder blue, lilac purple, white, and a purple/yellow mix. They will also send samples.

Mary Jo's Cloth Store
401 Cox Road
Gastonia, NC 28054-0647
(704) 861-9100 (The hours are odd, especially on holidays; it’s a good idea to check the hours before you go!)

Catriona also reports that the woad seeds Avarra Run sent us are sprouting! We hope to get enough plants to do some experimenting this fall.

Avelina of Moncrieff has indexed the articles in EP alphabetically by title with additional subject headings and has also made a separate index of food and recipes. The indexes run about 20 pages together. We are hoping to block out the last issue (#16) of this year early enough for her to add the titles and subjects to her list so that we can include a copy of the index in that issue. I think you will all find it most useful. So, be on the lookout for a big, fat mailing around the first of August!

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