Two Easy and Inexpensive Home Dyes

by Catriona Fergusson

Only recently have I discovered the pleasure of home dyeing. These two examples are from a batch of first attempts-- they worked well I thought I would pass them along.

Dye #1—Blueberries

This recipe will dye about 2 oz of fiber with some left over dyestuff. With an alum mordant, a nice purple will result. With ammonia, I achieved an attractive grey-green.

Dye #2—Chamomile

This recipe also dyed about 2 oz of fiber. An alum mordant will give a bright yellow.

The blueberry dye (purple) worked well for the ikat technique. Compleat Anachronist #41, Dyestuffs has a great listing of natural dyd materials and the colors they offer. For a list of techniques and equipment, consult Hands-On Dyeing, in a series published by Interweave Press. (ISBN: 978-0-934026-36-9)

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