by Ceara ni Neill

Listed here are various things I've learned the hard way about tentmaking that I have not seen listed other places (i.e. Medieval Pavilion Resources, Baroness Mira's site).

  • Canvas is not the place to cut corners.
  • Stitching the canvas:
  • Initially the floor dimensions were 10'x10'.
  • Never build a tent that you need help to set up if you're single and expect to travel to events alone.
  • Don't use a 4x4 for a ridgepole.
  • I finally learned the lesson about canvas weave.
  • As for applying the water seal,
  • Recycling canvas
  • Colored canvas: tiebacks and drawbacks
  • Windows
  • The accident at Gulf Wars, 2000

    A few years have gone by since this article was written, and I'm currently building a new pavilion. This time I have invested in Sunforger canvas, pretreated at the factory. I have purchased it from Hamilton Dry Goods, a very nice company to do business with. The sunforger is a little more difficult to sew through, but as with the untreated canvas it simply requires patience and a lot of needles (they dull quickly). I am also making smaller windows using the noseeum netting, with window covers that zip shut from the inside.

    Black & Tan pavilion photos White w/blue dormers pavilion photos

    Hopefully you'll read all of this before you make your first tent. Make a point also of reading the tips on building various pavilion types listed with Medieval Pavilion Resources, as well as articles written by others who have experimented and lived to tell and write about it. It will save you a lot of headaches, time and money. Good luck!

    Postnotes added 5/15/07

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